Monday, 6 August 2012

Slow Living Month...June & July...part one.


It's been a busy two months around these parts and I actually forgot to do my Slow Living blog for June so I am combining them here. 

{nourish}: We had Bub's 2nd birthday here in July and started cooking a week out to get everything done. Some of my favourite snacks we provided were these good muffins topped with cream cheese icing, raw honey oatmeal triangle using this recipe (leaving out  the peanut butter but adding a small amount of honey), and then using the same recipe base above to make balls by adding some cashew nut butter, sultanas and rolling in chia seeds.

We also made raw brownies & coconut oil fudge.  All delicious and gobbled up. I blogged here about the cake.

{prepare}: Not much in the way of preserving and the like these months. Just a bit of chicken stock and freezing in season lime, lemon and orange juice in ice cube containers fir use later.

{reduce}: We held a second garage sale & then took the left over items to Cash Converters or to Lifeline, a charity store. I loved doing this and plan to do this once a year from now on. Hopefully I'll be smart enough to plan it in a less busy time next year!

I also fashioned some quick laundry bags using an embroidery hoop and vintage pillow case after being inspired from Pinterest. I love it and have made two more since; a purple one for bubs room & a yellow roses one for my brother.

I also needed a new trellis for my sweet peas, so we went searching in the bush for sticks & Mister fashioned this for me in an afternoon. I love it and it was free!

{green}: Despite best intentions I rarely seem to find or make the time to make my own natural beauty products. I have made small things in small amounts as a tester, like lip balm, but have never managed to make it face creams, body wash or similar. Due to this and time in general I found myself neglecting my "beauty" routine or alternatively randomly trying different products when the last runs out. I'm happy to say I've found a product that suits me in it's simplicity, Sukin is Australian and free of nasties while being affordable! Sounds like I'm plugging them but I'm just really happy with the product that I can't stop blabbing! Do you make your own or buy?

We also finally moved bub into her own "big bed". She's always been a bit of a co-sleeper and would come in from her cot into our bed in the wee hours of the morning, and I foolishly thought that it would be a slow progression to change from cot to bed so started to talk to her about having her own big bed one night. The next night she flat out refused to go in her cot, she would only sleep in a big bed, so she was back in with us full time for a bit.

Before Bub was born we invested in a cot that would convert to a full size single bed, I'm not sure if we'll do the same again (get a cot that is), but it has worked this time, but while we had her bed, we didn't have a mattress. I really wanted to get a wool mattress for her after doing lots of reading, but we weren't in a position to afford one. We compromised, borrowed a mattress off a friend and bought her a gorgeous wool topper from Blessed Earth in the equally gorgeous Maleny.

The warm and comforting wool topper.

While we were at it we grabbed an organic sheet set at an incredible price, which comes in such lovely packaging.

That's all for now, almost time to make dinner. I'll post part two tomorrow, please stop by again I have some exciting news to share!


  1. A really inspiring post, Stacey! Loving the laundry bags and the trellis.

    A happy belated birthday wish to the small one!

  2. Thanks Christine, I told her that you said Happy Birthday and now we are singing the birthday song again : )


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