Tuesday, 21 August 2012

EKKA 2012!

We went to the Ekka! It was the last day and we were all a bit exhausted after it, but we had loads of fun. We took Mister's Mum and Step-Dad who are out form the UK for the wedding, but it was also Mister and Bubba's first time. I loved sharing a treasured part of my childhood with my little family.

 Bub wanted to ride "a blue horse with a blue helmet" but was more than happy with this pony ride. 

Some of the fruit and vegetable displays.

Bubs used some of her saved money to get a butterfly painted. (more about how we give "pocket" money in a future post).

And the rides...she loved the trampoline...

and of course she wanted to go on the Euro Slide which is the biggest slide in the southern hemisphere...she insisted in walking all the way up herself and then coming down in her own lane.

She loved it and said "MORE" as soon as we stopped, Mum wasn't so sure! 

We also ate the traditional strawberry ice cream, watched the wood chop, poured over the arts and crafts, grabbed a showbag and enjoyed the arena night program before finishing up with fireworks! (We were enjoying the time so much we forgot to take any photos!). I can't wait to go again next year, this little girl loved it.

Do you go to the Ekka, or have a similar event that is a family tradition?

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  1. Yep we took our two to the Melbourne show last year, which was terrific. We had lots of fun looking at all the animals, the wood chop, working dog trials, Miss Three (then two) went on a few rides and then we had some lunch. Miss One was only a few months old so she cruised around in the sling with Miss Three in the pram, they both slept most of the afternoon leaving us time to check out the bigger animals (which Miss Three is terribly scared of) and the arts and craft. Was a great and not too expensive day! Not sure we'll go every year, but certainly every other year.


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