Tuesday, 12 June 2012

A TEAriffic giveaway from What's That Tea?!

Sorry! Couldn't help myself!

Today I'm very excited to have a giveaway from Shardee Hoff at What's That Tea? Shardee has recently set up her own tea business and has kindly offered to do a giveaway for my readers, and having tasted her delicious Russian Caravan & her refreshing Chinese Green Tea blend I can assure you that you're in for a treat, but before that, join me in learning a little more about Shardee and What's That Tea?

Shardee (2nd left) and friends at her fabulous Sydney launch last month. Photo: Leisha Clancy.

Can you tell me a little bit about how you got started?
I’ve always wanted to have my own business that shares with people what I’m about. I’m a great lover of tea – the smell of a freshly brewed teapot, the taste sensations you get from the different blends, and how tea makes you feel. It’s like a cup of  tea makes everything better!

Isn't that true, I remember missing an international flight and despite not being much of a tea drinker at the time the first thing I did once a new flight was sorted was to sit down and have a cup of tea! So what was the motivation your this business?
Tea is fun, can uplift your mood, and brighten your day! So my motivation for the business was to create a brand of tea that really promoted the fun and inspirational qualities of drinking tea as well as demystifying some tea blends. Scottish Breakfast is pretty much English Breakfast with some earthy African tea thrown in! I think people get scared of the lapsang.

Who or what inspired you?
Tea inspires me because it can bring a harmonious moment of relaxation to any situation. And the ritual of tea time celebrates both spending time with friends or a quiet moment by yourself.
The inspiration for starting my own business came from my close friends and family who encouraged me to share my passion for tea with others. 

Friends helping.

That's a really wonderful way of looking at tea time being both for ones own relaxation or a social time with friends. I find it really uplifting that your close friends and family encouraged you to make a leap. What were some of the steps you took to get it out there and selling in the marketplace?
The first step was to decide on the tea selections – my favourite part!  It was a delight to speak to wholesale tea companies around Australia about where they source their teas from, do they know the plantation owners and have many shipments a year do they receive from all the different countries - boxes from India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, China, Japan. It feels so much more like pleasure than business.  Then once I found the blends matched my ‘fun and inspirational’ brand qualities I started talking to my friends and family about their help to build my business. It came naturally to me as I make it my personal mission to get people off the standard one flavour tea found in many kitchens. My friends husband who hated tea now has Russian Caravan with breakfast instead of coffee.

Photo: Leisha Clancy

Where do you sell What's That Tea?
What's That Tea is for sale on Facebook and our website is now live but word of mouth has been the strongest selling method. It exciting to share teas that are a little unusual like Strawberry and Champagne flavoured black tea. My friends having tea tins on their desks at work has honestly been the largest seller! We love connecting via our new blog with likeminded tea lovers too.

What is one of your fondest tea memories?
My fondest tea memories are of my search for the perfect Earl Grey around the famous hotels of London; The Ritz, The Dorchester, The Savoy, Claridges. Finally my tea snobbery has paid off in the selection of my own Earl Grey!

Do you have a favourite blend?
My favourite blend is Russian Caravan which evokes images of smokey fires along the silk road from China. The "What's That Tea?" blend is very smooth and drinkable. It's perfect for waking you up in the morning or an afternoon pick me up.

Thanks so much for sharing your love of tea with us Shardee, I think it's time to go and have a cuppa now! On that note, Shardee has kindly offered three lucky Domestic Artisan readers a tin of their choice from the What's that Tea selection. (How gorgeous and clever are the tins?!).

To enter please visit the What's That Tea website and then come back and comment here which tea you would like to try. 

For additional entries:
* "Like" What's That Tea on Facebook and comment here that you have
* "Share" this giveaway on Facebook and comment here that you have
* Link to this giveaway on your blog and comment here that you have

Each item equals one entry but you need to make separate comments here please. 

*EDIT* Please include an email to be able to contact you by. You can write is as john(@)hotmail.com if you wish.

The winners will be drawn randomly and announced here, where the winners will be asked to email to choose which blend they would like receive. 

*EDIT* I have extended the closing date as there were some problems with people trying to post.  Entries are open to all and close Wednesday the 20th of June at 5pm (EST). 



  1. Ooh ooh ooh I would love to try the Scottish Breakfast! I love tea and am obsessed with all things Scottish (despite having no Scottish ancestry!). x

  2. Mmm...trying again as I don't think it worked last time.

    Scottish Breakfast sounds grand. I love Irish breakfast by twinnings, but this sounds so much better!

  3. *puts down cup of Russian Caravan to type*
    Sounds great - not a huge fan of Twinings blends so always up for trying new stuff :)


  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. oooo it would be simply darling if I could try the Earl Grey blend... divine! :)

  6. Have also liked What's that tea on facebook (Becca Fowles)

    Thanks :)

  7. Scottish breakfast is my all-time fave!

  8. Strawberry and Champagne? My favourite right now is a strawberries and cream green tea by T2, so that sounds right up my ally! Also liked on fb :)

  9. Have shared on FB! Tea is mad rad!

  10. I would definitely like to try the Champagne and Strawberries - it sounds divine!

    PS: Thanks for sharing the link, LaLa!


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