Monday, 18 June 2012

Slow Living Month...May


{nourish}: The first porridge of (many) in the cold season was eaten with relish in May. We also made a batch of apple butter using this recipe. I chose it because it seemed very simple and had minimal sugar content and we used it as both a sweet and savoury addition to our meals and I also used it in a cake recipe instead of sugar which we enjoyed immensely.

{prepare}: Froze some of the apple butter and extra meals as able.

{reduce}: We held a garage sale to help reduce our household items and to increase our pockets a little. It was an easy and successful day with lots of good items finding new homes, and we used the money to by bub some new shoes, red once at her request!

{green}:  Nothing new to report, though I am looking into organic sunscreens, can anyone give a personal recommendation here? Lots of reading has been done but I still like to know what people actually think after using a product themselves.

{grow}: Still nurturing our small seedlings. Our rental is not in the best position for sun, especially in Winter, so bub and I have a bit of a game of moving around the pots as needed. Planted Sweet Peas and more basil.

{create}: Very happy to say I finally got behind Effie again, my sewing machine, to whip up a dress the day/night before I was heading to the races with some girlfriends for the first time. Using the Simplicity 1877 Leanne Marshall pattern I made view B, leaving off the shoulder ruffles for my first attempt. In a lot of ways I thought I was in over my head, but I was happily surprised to find that I had a firm grasp on most of the techniques to pull this off. That was until it hit midnight, and tiredness kicked in, then the pleats got the best of me. (It turned out that I made the skirt almost two sizes bigger also, whoops!). I finished the best I could but honestly went to bed feeling a bit deflated, and wondering if I had wasted my time. With a clear head in the morning I was glad I had persevered and went out to the races in my new {handmade} finery!

(Please excuse the phone photos taken in the carpark after bubs swimming before heading off to the races, in my creative haste I forgot to take a proper photo!).

{discover}: Still pouring over library books here: this time more cooking books. Margaret Fulton's Slow Cooking, Juleigh Robins' Wild Food, Food Safari: Glorious Adventures through a World of Cuisines by Maeve O'Meara of SBS fame and Bill Granger's Holiday. These books delight my senses and make my mouth water. Lots of meals being planned around these now.

{enhance}:  In May I was happy to pass along the Liebster Award last month to some lovely bloggers in my circle of reading.

{enjoy}: My memories of May are days spent with Rilla and Andy. Mother's Day was spent with a lovely road trip to Maleny with my family.

 {If you love a cup of tea and you haven't already entered my first major giveaway, please see this post. Entries close Wednesday 20th June 5pm. (AEST)}

(*EDIT* My photos aren't working so will update tomorrow hopefully, sorry!).

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  1. Great dress! I can't believe you managed to whip it up the day before the event, well done! And it's definitely porridge weather isn't it? Did you see some of the weird ways people eat porridge on my post about it? What's your preferred method?


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