Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Slow Living Month...April

[*A bout of the dreaded gastro two weeks ago and then a massive week without Mister around has put behind with my blogging. I wanted to say a BIG thanks to the lovely bloggers who I mentioned in my last post for dropping by and being so lovely upon getting the award. I also wanted to say thank you to all of you who read and leave messages, it's lovely to be part of such a community.]


April was a doozy...I couldn't believe when

{nourish}: Excitedly I made our first batch of fruit leather in April. After doing a bit of reading and seeing different opinions on precooking or using freshly made pulp, I decided to go fresh and just see what happened!  It made sense to me that more nutritional value would be present in the leather it it hadn't already been cooked once. I cut up a whole ripe pineapple, one green apple and one ripe banana. I whizzed it all together and then spooned the mixture out on to the tray of the dehydrator. I set it at mid temp and left it there for 6 hours.

 It was very tasty and didn't last long.

{prepare}: Basic freezing of extra meals and biscuit dough for us this month.

{reduce}: As part of a declutter we went through our wardrobes and made three piles; keep, re purpose and charity. The re purpose items have started to find new life, some as rags for cleaning and some have been set aside to be used as material in new items of clothing that I will be sewing in the next month.

{green}: We used our oils lots this month. Lavender for mosquito bites and a touch of sun. Tea Tree and Eucalyptus for anti-bacterial properties in our washing and for our benches. And when I had a rather bad headache I used a mix of Lavender and Peppermint, which worked wonders.

{grow}: Annoyingly the seeds that had started so well last month were eaten for a lovely afternoon snack by our chooks. SO we reseeded some carrots, beetroot and silverbeet. Hopefully the chicken wire will work a bit better now and we'll have some veggies in a few months.

{create}: I have to confess to not making anything in April...best laid plans and all that.

{discover}: Again trips to the library last month helped me to discover new reading material. In particular Burda Style Magazines, which I love. It is pretty much a pattern magazine and I hope to have something to show you all from one soon. The other book I enjoyed was Strawbale Home Plans. Our dream home is a strawbale and reading these type of books just fuels my passion for this dream.

{enhance}: We continued going to our community garden playgroup. I also reached out to a local neighbour who's Starfruit tree was heavily loaded with ripe fruit to ask if I could swap or barter for some fruit, but disappointingly I never heard back.

{enjoy}: April was action packed with barely any downtime. We enjoyed time as a family with Easter at home and then the following weekend we clebrated my twin Cousin's 21st birthday. My Sister and her family travelled the long distance to be there and it warmed my heart to see my little one dancing with her little ones.

[*Stay tunned for a very exciting giveaway here soon...]

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  1. The fruit leather looks wonderful - I bet you little one loved it. Sounds like the perfect healthy snack food - pity I don't have a dehydrator. It seems you had a very busy month, bet your in need of some down time. Sorry to hear about the gastro, we had it go through the four of us a month or two ago, it was awful.


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