Friday, 27 April 2012

Slow Living...March.


This is extra late. *hangs head and sighs*. Much, much more than I thought it would be. I had planned to post this during the first week of April, but with Easter and the like...well, better late than never. right?

{nourish}: The usual story here, made the majority of our meals and snacks. We tried some new recipes as blogged about previously here. The chickpea pizza base is one of my easy, favourite go-to-recipes now.

{prepare}: I made litres of chicken stock using the carcasses leftover from roasting, some was used during that week while some was frozen for future use. Also froze LOTS of bananas to use in future baking.

{reduce}: This one is actually more what Mister did, he made me a great shoe rack from pallets left around at work. I love it! So simple, useful and made out of recycled materials, what's not to love?! He's also been busy knocking up a few other things that I hope to show you all soon.

{green}: Nothing changed here during March. Soap nuts are still great, still washing our hair with Bi-carb and ACV.

{grow}: Tending to the seeds in our garden that we planted last month (the peas were a failure though) and planted Basil seeds and more carrots. Was devastated that I missed out on the Organic seed potatoes from Green Harvest. Trying to find a new place, please share if you know of anywhere!

{create}: I took part in a Secret Easter Bunny swap (previously mentioned here) and made a tote bag for my partner and two bunny finger puppets for her children (plus we sent a copy of Pip the Gnome). I also continued crocheting my Brother's blanket.

{discover}: Oh the I heart thee. Mister thinks it's hilarious that I manage to always come back with books despite having almost to many to read anyway. I love reading though, and would rather get to browse a book for what I need than to leave it behind. Still reading Alfie Kohn and Nourishing Traditions, but also picked up All Year Round, which is filled "Full of seasonal stories, activities, crafts, poems and recipes, this book offers a guide to celebrating festivals throughout the seasons". I can't get enough and is on my 'buy!' list! We have also been reading Organized Simplicity, to help declutter further and get ourselves organised for our garage sale in May.

{enhance}: I've became further involved in TNP which I mention briefly in my last post. The Natural Parent Magazine is a magazine which I actually found through a friends feed on Facebook. They promote attachment parenting and provide a means for like minded parents to connect and share their parenting journey. I really enjoy being able to ask questions, and also use my experience to give someone else an idea that might help in their situation. I'm now the Regional Admin for the TNP Australia group on Facebook. Drop by and say hello!

{enjoy}: It was the small things last month; a day trip to visit to Bub's (finger crossed) playgroup and school on a rainy day in the mountains, having a relaxing day at the beach with my best friend and Bub before heading to my hair and make up trial for the wedding (19 weeks to go eek!), catching up with an old friend at the airport while she was on a lay over, and getting together with my bridesmaids to finally lock in the bridesmaids dresses! All small moments made wonderful by the people involved.

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  1. Lovely post, that shoe rack is brilliant! I have seen so many uses for pallets lately, if only I could get my hands on one or two. I also love the library and come away with more than I can possibly read - though flicking and browsing is more my style. Plus we come away with a mountain kids books for us all to enjoy.


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