Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Our Easter Crafts and Cooking

Our Easter was a low key affair this year. It was lovely being back in Qld and surrounded by family, without the days of travel eating in to the relaxing or fun times.

During the week leading up to Easter Bub and I did something each day to make our home ready for the celebrations.

Our first attempt at felting some eggs and a wee nest. Bub loved this and we've done it a few times since and I'm happy to say our felting is getting better.  

 Inspired by this photo doing the rounds on Pintrest we decided to make our own yogurt and strawberry treat using Easter moulds. Bub loves mixing and really enjoyed making and then eating them. We simply cut up some fresh strawberries, mixed in some organic yogurt, spooned into moulds, froze and then voilĂ  A delicous, (semi) heathy treat, made in minutes, with a little mess just for fun.

We made this fun Easter Banner, using our finger prints to make chickens and rabbits, to hang in our kitchen/dinning area. 

The Breakfast tray we laid for Dad.
Our scrumptious homemade Hot Cross Buns (minus the cross as I had no marzipan!) for Good Friday using the traditonal recipe from All Year Round (a book I can't stop pouring over!).

And last, but not least, I will leave you with some photos of Bub the night before Easter, setting up her nest and Bunny hopping.

In my family it's traditonal to make a nest for the Bunny to be able to put your eggs in. I clearly remember making mine, it was always such a fun family activity with half the fun in chosing what your nest would be. Sometimes it would be a draw from a cupboard, other times a box or basket. This year Marilla chose a basket while Andy and I used our hats. We lined them with torn pieces of brown paper and tissue paper. My favourite moment was when I told bub that we needed to put the nests out for the Bunny to come and if we were lucky we'd get some eggs. At hearing that she raced up the hall way and grabbed the felt eggs and then proceeded to give each of us one in our nests til they were all gone. 

And sure enough once we were all in bed, the Bunny did come...

Do you have any family traditions that you do each easter? I hope you all had a wonderful Easter break.

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