Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Slow Living...

Hello again! I know, I know, it's been AGES. Firstly, I must apologise. Between moving States, Christmas and the New Year blogging was put on the back burner and although I'm glad I didn't push myself to do any posts or keep up with my reading list, I'm also happy to say that I missed the blogging community and friends I have made.

I have lots to share with you but to kick off my first post of the year I am joining in with Christine at Slow Living Essentials for her inspiring Slow Living Month by Month diary for 2012. I'm late in joining but from now on will be posting during the last week of each month.


{NOURISH}:  Besides our everyday cooking with fresh, local and nourishing ingrdients we also continued to changed the primary oil in our house from Canola to Coconut oil, apart from some olive left for dressings etc.

{PREPARE}: Last month we took to pickling the beetroot we brought from our local roadside vegetable farm stall. I love fresh beetroot, nothing better for summer salads. I use Rhonda's great pickling recipe from Down to Earth. I also brought Andy a dehydrator for Christmas so we dried banana's, tomatoes, and apples for snacks. While they weren't the finest first attempts, we learnt a lot and are eager to try again, in particular we want to make fruit leathers.

The last of our second batch.

{REDUCE}: The old clothes line that hung on our (rental property) fence had to go due to rust so I saved it from going to the tip and it's now enjoying it's second lease of life as our passionfruit vine trellis.

{GREEN}: Still happily using ACV and Bi-carb for our hair washing, you can see my post about the change over here. Most recently I have been considering buying soap nuts for our washing once our bulk green washing cleaner runs out.

{GROW}: Ohh dear! Our growing hasn't faired well with the heat/rain swing we seem to be on at the moment, we have two surviving organic tomato plants that we have grown from seed, but the rest perished. While our sunflowers went to seed quickly with the rain. We've had a bit of luck growing our Organic Bug Mix for the vegetable garden boarder, so hopefully they'll reach maturity. 

{CREATE}: I have to be honest my creativity went AWOL after making EVERYTHING for Christmas. In early Jan I finished off some Christmas presents for my niece, doll clothes and nephews, a magnetic foam fishing game and a wall hanging to display a much loved rock collection. 

{DISCOVER}:  I have been reading lots of recipe books to inspire our continuing education of health and nourishing foods, most of these I have borrowed form the library (Eating for two I already own). I like borrowing books first to see how they fit with us and then if it's one of those "must have" reads we will source it second hand or buy at our local book store. The yoga book has been fun for bub and I to try something different.

{ENHANCE}: We have been busy exploring our new community! Finding our new locally owned produce and meat suppliers,enjoying the Bayside walking tracks, visiting out local library. We also now attend a Mum's and Bub's Pilate's class on Thursday's which has been a lovely way to meet new faces while increasing out fitness.

{ENJOY}: My favourite memory from this month would be New Year's day when my Sister, her Husband and three Children were in town. They live 5 hours away so we don't often get together outside of major holidays, and we hadn't seen them since Marilla turned one in July last year. It was lovely to have my Nana, Mum and her partner, my Brother and then my Sister's family over for lunch. To see Marilla play and follow her older cousins around and watch them look after her with such care. In the afternoon we all went for a walk and had a paddle down by the point as the sunset. A really relaxing, fun, easy day where everyone just enjoyed each others company. 

And that's my first month done! Pop over to Christine's Blog if you are keen to join in, and maybe let me know here, what was your favourite moment in January , what's growing in your garden or what have you been creating?  


  1. Hi Stacey, great to have you joining in! Loving your clothesline trellis and lucky you having a dehydrator to play with! Enjoy the month :)

  2. Thanks Christine, hope to be able to share more about the dehydrating as we learn ourselves : ) Joy to you and yours.

  3. Lovely to see you back! Thanks for popping by my blog. Playgroup wasn't the same without last week xx

    1. Lovely to be back, thanks for coming by again! We miss you both so much, lovely to be able to still "see" you via your lovely blog : ) xx

  4. Now following along with you after finding you through Little Eco Footprint... come say hi at Just For Daisy. I'm inspired by your Slow Living participation! :)

    1. Thanks Rebekah, I'm going to pop over and say hello, thanks for dropping in : )

  5. Enjoying your blog. Been looking around. Lovely!
    I'm sure I've been here before...
    Thanks for taking time to stop by and say Hi over my way
    ღ Aleta


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