Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Meet our lovely ladies...

Please excuse the poor photo quality but I wanted to share these photos of our ladies when they were chicks.

I'd like you to meet our girls! We got our baby chicks at the end of November from a local Brisbane supplier. My first flock of chickens were given to me by my Mum as a 16th birthday present and I have had chicken's ever since. My brother took over looking after them while we were in Syndey for almost 2 years with Andy's work and it was only while in Sydney last year that my last old chook past away. It was very sad not to be there to say goodbye.

I knew once we had returned to Brissy that we would look to getting chooks whenever it was possible. We decided to get "day old's" so both the chicks and Rilla could get to know each other from the very start. They are all Heritage chickens, rather than just buying the more common Isa Browns which I have owned in the past, as we wanted to help increase the population of rare breeds while also the increase the general awareness of the breeds. Plus they are so beautiful!

Here are some more recent photos of our girls...

 Not the best photo of them unfortunately! Anne, at the very back, is a Rhode Island Red, in front of her is Frances who is a Plymouth Rock. Beside her is Velda our Barnevelder and out in front is Summer our Welsummer. Not the most original of names for two of our girls but they suit them all the same.

This is their temporary accommodation. We received this pen free off freecycle and grabbed it while the girls were young. We are going to reuse the materials to make them a bigger home sometime in the near future.

Bub loves helping with the girls. Changing the water and carrying the organic feed and scraps are her duties and she will get upset if you try and do it without her even if she is busy with something else at the time. She knows them all by name and if you ask her where one of them is she can always tell you. I love that she obviously loves them so much. When they were little and still indoors she would run up to the box each night to say goodnight, but now they are out side, she just blows a kiss.

Even though I have owned chickens in the past I found myself with new questions with having our new girls, so my main source of information was these two posts from Rhonda at Down To Earth, she had a plethora of information and for me it's lovely local, hands on knowledge. (Side note Rhonda's book was published last week, I have a copy on order at the library and look forward to pouring through it).

Rill and Anne (Shirley)

I can't wait to be able to walk into the backyard and collect warm eggs again, and even more so for bub to have that expeience also. Chickens are good for the soul.

Do you have chickens? What are their names if they have one?

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  1. Just discovered your blog and I'm so happy I did. I look forward to following your journey! Love the chooks-i hope to have the same someday


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