Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Getting back into our rhythm

I found after we moved, my rhythm was all out of sorts, and therefore the whole house rhythm was out of order. We have a fairly clear rhythm around here between getting up and and bedtime, there is a fluid but structured sequence to how we spend our day. What do I mean by fluid but structured? We have set times for meals and other various activities but I am always aware of how Bub in particular is travelling, things can always be tweaked.

To help me get back into our daily cycle I took to excel and made myself up a weekly chart. This alone helped me to see more clearly what I needed and wanted to get done, and whether I was over extending myself. Mister was lovely enough to buy me the above blackboard from here for a Christmas present and now I write everything on there.

Each day shows the daily job (Monday washing, Tuesday bathrooms etc), our meals and any extra activities or appointments we have. The final rectangle has been divided to show household chores and things to do.

It's very simple but I find that seeing what I have to do each day and having our meals planned for the fortnight (another blog on that soon!) helps me immensely to be able to be present in the everyday moments. I don't feel as if I have forgotten something, or that I need to be doing more.

This board is for the adult of the family at this stage, we are starting to introduce a small Rhythm board for bub to see and become aware of, but right now this my tool to help keep my beat throughout the day. Also an added bonus I have found is that guests that drop in or stay over are able to look at it and quickly grasp what we need to do that day.

What about you? Do you have a rhythm and how do you keep it on track?


  1. wow Stacey....that is organised...very impressive. I have a work dairy which works well for me or otherwise I tend to forget things....It comes between the shop and home.....We could do with some menu planning...I have been saying that for ages, but have resistance, I think because it makes me feel like I am turning in to my mother...
    how funny we are!!!

    1. Thanks, Jo! Dairies will always have their place in my world : ) I resisted menu planning for ages, thinking it would be hard and "what if you didn't feel like something on a certain night?", I have found it a blessing in disguise. Funny enough my mum was fly by the seat of pants type cook which I think I have been for so long, funny isn't it?!


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