Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Thirfted GOLD

I have blogged about my love of Freecycle a few times now and I'm still loving it. We recently struck the mother load of free objects though...

Note the runaway baby on the stairs!

A BOAT!! A dinghy, a Mirror to be exact. But how amazing is that?! One of the local scout groups had taken over some boats from a neighbouring scout group that had disbanded, they kept what they needed and freecycled the rest. We enquired and turned up early one Sunday morning expecting to be swamped with people and miss out, but there were four boats and only four people. Everyone seemed to get the boat that they wanted. When Mister saw her he knew that she was the one. She needs a bit of TLC but is mostly in good shape.

We're all very excited and can't wait to work on it and then sail her! Freecycle has been very good to us! Oh, and we've named her. Shining Sea.


  1. That is so exciting...nothing really beats that.....very good score ♥

  2. Wowser, she's gorgeous! Lucky you! I am so on your page with regard to factoring packing up for dinner into sewing time, it made me smile.


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