Tuesday, 27 September 2011

All good things...

must come to an end.

I have been sitting on this news for a while. Partly because it wasn't all sorted yet and partly due to my need to digest the news myself.

Mid next month we're moving to Queensland! Back to Queensland for me, back home. We've talked about it for awhile and it's always been the plan but it wasn't expected to happen until next year at the earliest. Misters job is pretty specialised though so when something suitable (and suitably exciting for him career wise) was offered we had to take it.

On one hand I'm very excited. I have family and friends all around SEQ that I can't wait to see on a more relaxed and ongoing base, rather having to fly in for a weekend here and there. I look forward to Bubba being able to grow up with family and close friends and their children around. I look forward to being in the sunshine, visiting coasts, the costal hinterlands and exploring all these places as a family. Of meeting new people. Finding new craft haunts. Finding a Steiner connection in Qld. Becoming part of a community we hope to be in for a very long time!

On the other hand, I hate moving! I don't think anyone enjoys it and this will be our third in two years. I'm going to miss so many people and places in Sydney. I have a lot of close friends that I used to work with that I'll miss. I'll miss my mother's group that was started when our bubs were 5 weeks old. I'll miss our wonderful Steiner playgroup and community. It saddens me that Bub or I won't get to go again to a place with people that means so much to us. I'll also miss Sydney as a city. I'm not a big city type of girl (excluding NYC) and I love that Sydney has so many pockets, little villages scattered around that provide what you need at any given moment.

I'm lifted by the knowledge that we will of course return for visits, and that due to technology it will be easy to keep in touch with friends.

In the meantime we have a lot of organising and packing to do and a new home to find. Please moving gods be kind!

I have a few posts that I am going to schedule to run as I really, really want to share some sewing and swapping that I've been part of lately, but if I don't schedule it I fear it will never see the light of Blogger, so please keep dropping in during this time.

Hope you're all well and enjoying either the warmth of Spring or the coolness of Autumn where ever you may be. x


  1. Hey love, I can really hear your needs, met and unmet, around your move. Great they you are taking the time to honour your feelings around this transition. Looking forward to welcoming you into a community of wonderful mummas up here that I can introduce you too, including many in the Steiner community! xx

  2. Yep moving sucks (and I really do understand I used to do it every couple of years for a huge chunk of my life) BUT completely selfishly I live in Qld, and i know Melissa and with a little bit of luck I'll soon know you too :)

  3. I can't even imagine our family packing up and moving....we have so much stuff. It will be nice to be near family especially for your little one. If you are south east qld you are not too far from here either...you gotta love this rain (unfortunately). Thanks so much for that link to the owl calendar...it is amazing xx Jo.


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