Friday, 5 August 2011

Busy, busy bee!

We are still here, but between colds, teething, birthday preparations, long hours for Mister and getting ready for family last weekend I've haven't been posting...though I can't stop reading all the great blogs I keep finding. So much inspiration, that just adds to my every growing list of things I want to sew/craft/create/bake!
I have lots to share including showing you all the doll I made for bub's first birthday, some candles I made plus lots more. Hope to post properly soon. And can I just say how lovely it is to feel a little spring in the air!

Hope you're all happy and well.


  1. Hi, found your blog through the heart swap over at Natural Suburbia - we are swap mates! Also wanted to say how much I've enjoyed reading your posts so far. I'll be coming back for sure!

  2. Spring and great blogs make my world go round too when I have the winter flu! Enjoy this day xx Rach

  3. Hope everyone is feeling better. I find that if the sun is out and there is some warmth in the air then I instantly feel better.
    And yeh this blogging world (which I have only been in for the last two months) is amazing....I can't believe it was going on around me and I wasn't involved.
    Until next time xox Jo

  4. You really have been a busy bee! The teething really is consuming, isn't it? We're dealing with that here, too. These poor babes. :-(


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