Thursday, 28 July 2011


full circle around the sun. One. Little girl becoming bigger. One. Mama loving and learning.

Hard to believe it's been a full year since my world was changed so dramatically for the better.

 Every day is special, every moment is cherished.

 My beautiful, bright baby is now offically a toddler. May we have decades of memories filled with love, magic and laughter.

Happy First Birthday Rilla-My_Rilla xo


  1. Happy, happy birthday wee girl... And happy birthing day to you, too, dear mama!

  2. Birthing day blessings with a little skip and a hop and a hip hip horrah!

  3. happy birthday 'little one' and hope it is a great day....Was Pip the Gnome a birthday is one of my favourites in my shop....I love it ♥ Jo

  4. What a precious girl. Happy birthday, little one!


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