Monday, 20 June 2011

Winter days and nights...

Awhile ago I mentioned here that I was fortunate enough to win a place in a Magic Fairy Wool online class ran by Nicole at Lebenskuestler. I have to say that I'm running a bit behind but I have completed a few of the crafts and wanted to share them with you.

 The first was a bunny. I had great difficulty with this bunny, but I think she turned out alright in the end.

Next was a sheep, then the bird and finally the gnome. I found these all really enjoyable to make but I think the gnome is my favourite.

I've also been working on my brother and sister's crocheted blankets that I told you about earlier.

I have to admit that I haven't done nearly enough on these, so I thought if I share them with you I may just get them done before I see them both at the end of July. If I haven't mentioned my progress in a few weeks feel free to enquire : )

And finally Rilla and I attended our Mid Winter Festival at Glenaeon last Thursday, it was a lovely festival and atmosphere with all the various age groups that make up the Glenaeon Playgroups. (Please excuse my photos as I only had my phone on me as the sun began to set).

We gathered around the fire to hear Ebba tell us a story of a cold gnome who needed some warmth along his travels, bub was quite mesmerised by the fire during this. After the story we lit our lanterns and walked through the grounds singing our lantern song...

"I'm walking with my lantern, my lantern is walking with me
Above  you see the star-light, here my lantern you see
My light shines bright, glows through the night
La-bi-mel, la-ba-mel, la boum
My light shines bright, glows through the night
La-bi-mel, la-ba-mel, la boum, boum boum".

We were at the tail end of the wandering and it was a warming sight to see lantern lights dancing ahead and hearing the song drift softly back. Such a lovely way to welcome and celebrate Winter. I hope you are all well and warm, I'd love to hear how you are enjoying your cold Winter days and nights. 

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