Saturday, 25 June 2011

Quilting 101

It's been a busy week!

On Wednesday I went to the Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair for the first time.

Mister had the day off and was lovely enough to come along and help look after bub so I could have a good look around and maybe even do a workshop or two. Well, that was the plan. Bub had different ideas and didn't really settle down until after lunch. But I was lucky enough to hear Toni Coward's talk about her business Make It Perfect.

Some of Toni's lovely samples on the Fair line.
She did a great talk about making simple, wearable, fashionable children's and adult clothes. Poor thing had been stuck in Tassie the night before because of the ash cloud. She eventually got flown to Melbourne then drove all night to make it to the fair! That's dedication!

Afterwards we gravitated towards the Quilt show and I was in awe of the workmanship in all of the quilts on display. This is just a sample of what we saw. (I DID NOT MAKE THESE, just photographed them...just in case you are a blog skimmer!).

These first two were in the Junior category, made by a 15 and 17 year old respectively. Amazing work!

It was to hard to choose a favourite! I'd love to eventually have the skills to make a quilt worth entering into a show. By the end of the day Mister and I were tired but somebody else was happy just as long as she was cruising along at her own pace, in her own way...

This week, I also started to make progress on the SBS I've joined. We had our first block last week, a log cabin. I'm (unsurprisingly) behind schedule already but will make it up this week, but this is my WIP.

I've managed to cut out my fabric, despite having the wrong dimensions of fabric, a slightly to small cutting board, a knack for cutting slightly crooked at the last second and a track record for getting upset! I'm finding that I need to take my time, slow down and not stress. I was so worried that I would ruin my precious new fabrics I didn't cut them for 5 days! Anyway, sewing it together will be interesting I'm sure but I'm happy with my fabric selection for this block.

Does anyone have any quilting words of wisdom for me?! Tomorrow I hope to show you some goodies we got at our playgroup School's market on Friday and my best Freecycle score to date!
Like always, hope you and yours are well and warm : )

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