Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Thank you Universe...

& Rebecca at Bending Birches! I recently won a place in a gorgeous Magic Fairy Wool online class! I'm so excited and thankful, looking at Nicole's Blog makes me happy thinking about all the glorious items we will be making with such dreamy, colourful wool. Just by looking at the wool I can already imagine how soft it must feel. Best of all what I make during these classes I will put aside some items for little M's first birthday which is fast approaching! So big thanks again to Rebecca at Bending Birches, Nicole at Lebenskuestler and the wonderful, always providing, universe.

Image care of Lubenskuenstler.


  1. Hi,
    just had to leave a comment as a fellow Aussie.
    I wan't sure that Rebecca would ship international and didn't enter. I should have.
    We are a family that uses Waldorf as well as Charlotte Mason and other odds and ends in our home shcool
    Enjoy your giveaway

  2. Hi Gae,
    Oh I'm sorry to hear that. It didn't even occur to me because Nicole is based in WA.
    I love that you are a home schooler...I hadn't heard of Charlotte Mason before so have been doing some reading...thanks for the message.
    Blessing you you and yours.

  3. Giveaways are the best:) I just won one from Melissa at Honeybee toys and was so excited!!! I saw your comments on a friend's blog and hadn't 'met' you yet, so had to pop on over and say Hi! You've made a great start to blogging, and who doesn't love followers and comments hey? (I adore both!) I hope you grow to love blogging as much as I do - you will 'meet' so many people from all over the world, who you can share snippets of your life with. Oh, also, I saw your blog post about the sewing machine... may it bring you much happiness! I knew nothing when I got mine - seriously I had the dictionary out- I was like 'what's a bobbin?' as I sat there in tears of frustration and NOW well, it's like a best friend! Well, all the best, be in touch, Jane:)

  4. Hi Jane,
    Thanks so much for the comment and for becoming a follower : ) Congratulations on your giveaway win! I have to admit I'm a bit slow getting into the blogging community. I have often read other peoples but had been a bit self concious in writing my own, but I am glad I have jumped in now. The community is very welcoming, inspiring and it's fun to share bits of my life and have a window into other peoples. Thanks for the advice re the sewing machine too. It did start off a bit love/hate but it's fast switching to love/love! Thanks again for getting in touch, take care, Stacey


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