Sunday, 15 May 2011

Mothering Sunday

I finally made something on my sewing machine! Scratch that. I finally completed a project using my sewing machine (I've started a few so far). I'm happy to share that my first endeavour was something for my mum for Mother's Day. It was a week late granted, but none the less I made it. I changed my mind about what to make about ten times but eventually with a little help from a favourite blog I read, Sew Mama Sew, I made mum a Rice Heat Therapy Bag.

It's not perfect, but I loved making it and learnt so much at the same time. I'm very excited to make some more and learn from a few mistakes that I made, but overall I'm really happy with the end result. Mum should get it in the mail tomorrow so hopefully she will like it as much as I do : )


  1. Thanks Marie for dropping by and commenting...hope you are well.


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