Saturday, 30 April 2011

Time flies...

Well, Easter has been and gone for another year, can you believe it?! We went to my sisters and had a big family gathering. It was lovely to see my family again, and for them to see Rilla who celebrated her first Easter out of the womb : ) On Easter Sunday we were blessed with beautiful wee (slightly early) addition to the family!

Before we travelled my partner and I made chocolates for the older kids and adults as well as some gorgeous Bunny Finger Puppets for the younger kids (thanks to the beautiful ones I found on Purl Bee...see here).

I'm still unpacking after being away but hoping to whip something up for mum this week for Mother's Day. Unfortunately I didn't get to make my nephew T anything for his birthday...(Australian Geographic helped out instead) and my siblings blankets are still being worked on, but I'm happy that I'm getting better with my idea of making something and the time management of ACTUALLY producing it.

Hopefully I can keep it up and channel some of it towards our wedding preparations as we are planning on making our bomboniere! By August next year we'll need about 100 gifts...once we sort the guest list!!!

Hope you all had a fabulous Easter with your loved ones.

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