Saturday, 2 April 2011

The good life.

Some days are very fulfilling, others you just get through everything that has to be done and then it's bed time. I've had a few very fulfilling days lately. One was because I cleaned at least half the house in one go, amazing! The next because I managed to not only go to swimming with Rilla-bean but I also managed to transplant our veggie seedlings...

Peas, beets, and onions.

Our new seedlings along side our growing herb patch.

 AND make our first batch of homemade yoghurt using Matthew Evans' Real Food Companion . You might know Matthew Evans as a food critic or from SBS's Gourmet Farmer series, amongst other ventures. (Unfortunately, his website is very old and doesn't have any new content)  I love this book, it is a gorgeous book that not only gives you delicious "old fashioned" recipes but also looks at where our food comes from, how it tastes best and the ethical issues that surrounded our food production these days.

Waiting for the milk to cool to add cultures.

Standing to set.

And the last fulfilling day is today. It's only just lunch time and whatever the rest of today brings it's already gifted me with fun playtime with my Rilla. One cannot have enough cuddles or raspberries blown at them. Tomorrow my darling little family are heading off Apple Picking in the Blue Mountains with Rilla's Steiner playgroup... we will take photos and share when next possible.

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